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Manuscript Formatting

Formatting your manuscript as per the guidelines suggested by the target journal is as important as writing it accurately. Without formatting, your work will be like a rough draft that lacks structure, and journals will be likely to reject it. By availing Manuscript Formatting service, you will make sure that your manuscript is accepted without hassles.

Our Process:

We follow a simple process for formatting of your manuscript:

  • Send us the manuscript through email
  • We review the same and send you a personalized quote
  • On receiving the confirmation, we will assign an expert who thoroughly knows about the required style of formatting
  • All aspects are checked by our expert, as per the scope of formatting
  • The necessary corrections are made and suggestions are given for improvement
  • The final draft is delivered as per the deadline mentioned

Scope of service:

While handling the formatting aspect, we check the following aspects of research papers:

  • Margins: The width of margin should be proper on all sides. As per most styles, the margin is 1.5 inches wide.
  • Headers: The headers and sub headers have to be in a definite style. Whether it is capitalization, italics, underlining or boldface, you must use the correct style. Plus, the positioning of the headers and sub headers will also be checked. If you have a running header, it must be correctly placed too.
  • Citations: All citations are checked for various sources, according to the required style. This helps to avoid plagiarism as well. We will check all sections as well as bibliography for the citation style.
  • Fonts: Journals will specify a font to be used for manuscript. Whether it is Times New Roman or any other font, we will make sure that it is followed throughout the draft.
  • Layout: Every section of the manuscript must be in a particular sequence. Our formatting experts will provide the structure and layout that is acceptable as per the standards of the targeted journal.
  • Pagination: The page numbering in the manuscript must be as per the guidelines. It can be on top or bottom of the page, in centre or on the corner.
  • Graphic Presentation: There are a lot of illustrations, graphics and images in a scientific manuscript. They all have to be labeled and numbered accurately. Plus, they must be positioned along with the text that they relate to, and even in the annexure if needed.

Formatting styles for manuscript:

Different journals prescribe various styles of formatting, and we mostly work with the following styles:

  • APA (American Psychological Association)
  • ACS (American Chemical Society)
  • AIP (American Institute of Physics)
  • AMA (American Medical Association)
  • AMS (American Mathematical Society)
  • AAA (American Anthropological Association)

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