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Manuscript Editing

It is said that in order to grow professionally, you must grow academically as well. Journal publications provide scientists and doctors an opportunity to showcase their research to the world. In order to get accepted by leading journals, your manuscript should be as per international standard and meet the English writing criteria. Our Manuscript Editing service will help you get past strict editorial boards.

Need for Editing:

Even if you are confident about your subject and content, you will need to get the manuscript edited because of the following factors:

  • Most journals have distinct guidelines for structuring and presentation of matter, as well as for style of language to be used
  • A professional manuscript is quite different from a dissertation or thesis report, which are purely academic documents
  • The factual details need to be double checked, specially for technical and scientific subjects
  • There may be errors in spelling and grammar, which authors often overlook
  • Citations are critical for manuscripts and they need to be examined by an expert

If you think all these reasons justify the need for getting your paper edited, just send it to us at

Scope of Editing:

Based on the requirements of authors, we have designed an editing service which covers the following:

  • Grammar: If you have great theories but the report is full of grammatical errors, your manuscript will be rejected. We make sure that all tenses, verbs, articles, punctuations, etc. are properly used.
  • Spellings and typo errors: Scientific papers have a number of jargons and terms with long and complicated spellings. It is easy to make mistakes and auto check tools also do not recognize these words. We do a thorough manual check to remove these errors.
  • Authenticity: Our editors use reliable tools for checking the presence of copied content. In your manuscript, the entire content must be 100% original. We check and remove plagiarism effectively.
  • Clarity: The language must be academic and clearly convey the meaning of your text. If it is ambiguous, then our editors revise it to improve clarity.
  • Correctness: Accuracy of content is of paramount importance. We have subject matter experts, who scan the manuscript closely to verify the soundness of facts and theories presented.
  • Cohesiveness: The structure must be lucid and have logical flow between all sections and paragraphs. We check for such consistency and add joining sentences where necessary.
  • Comprehensive: The content must be complete in every sense. You must present all aspects of the topic in a comprehensive manner, so that the report does not look half baked.

While we edit and format your paper, we make sure that the guidelines are followed precisely.


Our Editors:

For editing scientific manuscripts, we have on board professional and experienced editors who have subject matter knowledge. They are also well aware of all the rules laid down by leading journals from various fields for language and presentation. Hence, they are able to add value to the manuscripts. Apart from correcting errors and making the necessary revisions, they also provide advice for improving the content. For instance, they may suggest better references for review.

We provide an editing report, which is a copy of your manuscript in track changes mode. This report helps you to understand your errors and work upon the suggestions. You can send a request for quote and we will provide a customized price quote as per your requirements at the earliest.