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Journal Search and Submission

Identifying the target journal in which you want your paper to be published is a critical task, and can be time taking. In fact, you must do this even before you write your paper, so that you can follow the required guidelines while preparing the manuscript. We help you with the entire process of Journal Search and Submission in such a way that you do not waste time and efforts.

Search for Target Journal:

When short-listing journals, we consider the following factors:

  • Subject and Topic: There are dedicated journals for different subjects, like medicine, architecture, engineering, education, etc. Also, some journals specialize in publishing articles related to a certain theme, like genetics, environment, etc. We scan the journals keeping in mind your domain and topic of paper.
  • Impact Factor: The impact factor reflects the number of citations that the articles published in a journal get. We aim to get your paper published in journals with high impact factor.
  • Type of Journal: While some papers may be suitable for academic journals, others may be meant for trade or professional journals. It depends on your methods and objectives of study.
  • Length of Manuscript: Journals have varying rules for length of reports that are published in them. While some may publish only short articles, others carry full-fledged papers. Either the journal has to be selected as per the length of your report, or else, the manuscript has to be edited according to the demands of the target journal.
  • Time of Publication: All journals do not publish fresh issues at the same time. The chosen journal must allow you enough time to work on the report, polish and submit it.
  • Cost Involved: Getting published might be a costly affair, involving expenses for submission, peer review, etc. The selection process also takes your budget into account.
  • Target Readers: The reader group addressed by a journal is also an important factor. It must match the content, presentation style and language of your report.

The journals which are appropriate as per these factors are selected and the list is sent to the client.


Submission Process:

Once you have identified the target journals, we assist you with submission of the paper. Our consultants take the following steps:

  • Study the guidelines for submission as mentioned by the target journal
  • Check whether all components are present in your manuscript and in proper order
  • Communicate with the journal editor as needed
  • Prepare the cover letter for sending along with the report
  • Submit the paper using online, as well as offline modes
  • Keep in touch with editors and reviewers and let you know the response from journal

While we edit and format your paper, we make sure that the guidelines are followed precisely.

Though we select the most appropriate journals and submit papers by following all steps as needed, we do not guarantee that the paper will be accepted by the journal. However, we undertake multiple submissions to boost your chances of acceptance. In case of rejection, you must avail our editing services.

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