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Graphic and Art Work

With an aim to offer comprehensive support to science research authors, we have introduced an exclusive service for Graphic and Art Work. We are well aware of the importance of such elements in a journal manuscript and offer expert assistance.

Need for Help:

For a scientific manuscript, graphic presentation and high quality art work are vital.

  • Apart from tables, charts and graphs that are involved in analysis, such reports also need illustrations, diagrams and images to support and explain the matter
  • Moreover, appealing and well presented art work also breaks the monotony of the text, generating readers’ interest
  • Every journal wants a report that has such elements to enhance its reader base and make the content understandable for scholars as well
  • There are certain rules that have to be followed for such presentation. These rules can be regarding dimension of image, labeling, placement, color, etc.
  • Since authors find it hard to know about and comply by all these regulations, we come to their rescue and handle all requirements efficiently

Scope of Service:

The service for Graphic and Art Work includes the following:

  • Assessment of content and suggesting the need for graphic elements
  • Preparation of graphs, charts and tables for analytical sections
  • Draw figures, illustrations and diagrams to explain the theory presented in the report
  • Find images that are relevant. If you have some images, then we check whether they are of the correct size and resolution, as per the guidelines of targeted journal. The images must retain clarity on printing.
  • Modification and resizing the images if required
  • For journals which have color printing, we provide colored art work of high quality. Conversion of color format (RGB, CMYK) is also done.
  • Labeling and numbering of all graphs, illustrations, diagrams, tables, etc. For this also, we follow the recommended font and numbering style.
  • Checking whether the content has adequate reference to the related figure or graph
  • Placing the art work and graphs along with the text as needed, and also providing them as annexure
  • The fonts, punctuations and footnotes are checked throughout the report
  • We provide the art work in hard copy as well as soft copy in the required format

Thus, we handle all aspects of art work and graphical presentation. You just need to send us your requirements and relax.


Tools we use:

Our professional artwork designers and graphic designers use the following software for manuscripts:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe In design
  • Freehand MX

The latest versions of all these tools are used to ensure perfection of work.

You can expect to get superior standard of artwork and graphic presentation at economic prices and within the stipulated deadline. Ask us for a personalized quote today.